Tecar Therapy

Tecar Therapy GTD Sports Therapy

At GTD Sports Therapy we use a WINBACK Tecar Therapy System. Winback energy is high-frequency current that makes it possible to target different tissue layers (muscle, joints, bones etc) and to reach conditions deep down that have been seen as previously untreatable.

It accelerates the natural regeneration of biological tissue, accelerating healing, relieving pain, and improving movement. In brief it is, a high-frequency, non-invasive energy which boosts your body’s natural ability to repair itself.
During your treatment, you will feel a relaxing, gentle, deep, and therapeutic warmth as an electrode head is placed on the site of your pain.

Main benefits include:

• Reduces pain – normally immediately & up to 48 hours after treatment
• Frees up movement – range of movement is restored
• Accelerates Healing – accelerates the body’s natural self-repair system by promoting intra and extracellular exchanges in a lasting way. The benefits of your treatment continue after the session

Our Lead Therapist, Gareth, offers Tecar Therapy as part of his treatment techniques at no additional charge.

Clients with the following conditions cannot receive TECAR Therapy.

• Pacemaker fitted
• Use an Insulin pump
• Pregnancy
• Have an increased sensitivity to heat
• Fever
• Thrombophlebitis
• Cancer
• Growth plates
• Epilepsy